‘The Voice’ of Women in Mechanical Construction

 Podcasts & Newsletters

The Women in Construction Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the quarterly newsletter and podcast series ‘The Voice’ in 2022.

This newsletter will include updates from WiMC committees, a spotlight on women who inspire the industry, and a section on mentoring, leadership, and training. Our newest addition is the Podcast Series, we will speak with some of our industry’s most influential women and cover topics relevant to our industry.

‘The Voice’ Podcast Series

Episode 1: Encouragement, Mentorship & Retention of Women in the Trades

 (Release Date: December 15, 2022)
 (Coming Soon: Click to watch Podcast Video)

Podcast Episode 2

(Release March 2023)

Podcast Episode 3

(Release June 2023)

Podcast Episode 4

(Release December 2023)

‘The Voice’ Newsletters

2022 Issues

Spring Issue ~ Vol. 1

(Available to Download)

Summer Issue ~ Vol. 2

(Available to Download)

Fall Issue ~ Vol. 3

Release date December 2022

Winter ~ Vol. 4

Release date March 2023