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The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) is an exciting and diverse association of approximately 1,000 company contacts in new mechanical construction, service contracting and supplier organizations. Members enjoy MCA Canada’s industry leading educational programs, an ever expanding catalog of business tools, national discount programs, industry publications, representation, and face-to-face networking and conferences to keep them informed and connected…and that’s just for starters.

MCA Canada has three distinct categories of membership, representing approximately 100 firms in the mechanical contracting industry.

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Joining MCA Canada as an Associate member opens up exciting prospects for you and your company. You’ll have the chance to connect with the owners and operators of over 100 contracting companies across Canada. MCA Canada hosts well-attended events that are accessible to all members, such as the Annual National Conference, which offers educational training, networking, and plenty of fun. Each July, we organize the CEC Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament in the Toronto, Ontario area, and a number of events through out the year. Furthermore, Associates have the opportunity to assume leadership roles as the chair and vice chair of the Associate Council, which meets bi-annually. This role involves assisting the MCA Canada’s in shaping event sponsorship, speaker opportunities, and special events.

MCA Canada understands that manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, resellers and affiliated industry suppliers are all part of the mechanical industry. In order for the industry to flourish, all elements must work together to form a cohesive team. That is why more than 1000 national company contacts are part of our association.


As an MCAC Associate Member (non-contractor), you enjoy a wealth of privileges, including:

  • Membership Lists: You gain exclusive access to MCA Canada’s complete membership directory, ensuring your company’s prominent visibility among industry professionals, and securing your spot on direct mail and email distribution lists.
  • Digital Membership Stamp: Proudly display the Associate Digital Membership Stamp on your website and promotional materials, showcasing your affiliation with MCA Canada for the current year.
  • Online Exposure: Your company is prominently featured on MCA Canada’s website with a dedicated company link, logo, and a concise bio, enhancing your online presence. You’ll also be listed as an associate member in good standing on the MCAC website.
  • Event Participation: You have the opportunity to register for and participate in the Annual National Conference and all other events hosted by MCA Canada, fostering industry connections.
  • Face-to-Face Networking and Conferences: Engage in invaluable face-to-face networking opportunities and attend conferences year-round. You receive exclusive invitations to two flagship events: the Annual Golf Tournament and MCA Canada’s Annual National Conference, offering unmatched networking and industry insights.
  • Complimentary Magazine Profile: Enjoy a complimentary profile in MCA Canada’s Annual magazine as an Associate Member, reaching a broad audience of industry professionals and decision-makers.
  • Educational and Speaking Opportunities: Seize the chance to host webinars and educational content, positioning your company as an industry leader.
  • Podcast Feature: Be featured in an episode of MCA Canada’s ‘Toolbox Talks’ Podcast, leveraging our platform to share your expertise.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Elevate your brand by sponsoring MCA Canada’s Annual Golf Tournament, Annual National Conference, and various events and mini-conferences throughout the year, providing valuable exposure and engagement with industry leaders and professionals.
  • Industry Publications & Advertising: Stay informed with industry news and insights through MCA Canada’s publications, keeping you ahead of the curve. Explore advertising options in the weekly e-newsletter, “Exchanger,” at exclusive discounted prices for MCA Canada Associate Members.
  • Scholarship Contribution: A portion of your membership dues contributes to the Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series. Additionally, you have the option to establish your scholarship within the series, leaving a lasting legacy in the industry.

For a full list of our Associate Members, visit our Online Tradeshow.

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To become a contractor member of MCA Canada there are two options:

1- Join your provincial or regional (Ontario Zone) MCA.

  • This is the preferred format as joining the provincial or zone MCA you enjoy all the benefits of your local organization as well as the national association benefits as well.
  • To find out how to contact your provincial or regional MCA, click here.

2 – Direct Membership with MCA Canada.