Women in Mechanical Contracting

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MCA Canada’s Women in Mechanical Contracting is a forum through which women who work in mechanical construction share experiences, seize opportunities and learn skills that will help them advance their careers. It provides networking, education, mentoring and professional-development programs specifically dedicated to helping women in mechanical construction build long and productive careers in the industry.


The Committee offers the following for women having a role in MCAC member companies:

  • Skills development, education & training
  • Professional & personal goal achievement
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities within the committee
  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • Incentives to keep high-performing individuals in the industry


  • Development, training and networking opportunities for women joining our program
  • Enhanced opportunities and abilities for member companies to attract, develop and retain more high-performing women as team members
  • Increased engagement of women in association programs, initiatives, committees, councils, and boards.
  • Making the industry a preferred choice of career for women
Number of WIMC Group Members

The Women in Mechanical Contracting (WIMC) Group provides education, mentoring, and professional development programs to assist women in building and sustaining successful careers in mechanical contracting. Join us to support and raise awareness for career opportunities for women in this industry. Membership is open to everyone.

Joining the Group is FREE!!

Benefits of becoming a member:

  1. WIMC Member Stamp that identifies you as part of our membership
  2. Access to  webinars / education / mentorship / leadership resources & scholarship opportunities
  3. Special discount codes from companies that specifically specializes is women’s workwear
  4. Receive “The Voice” quarterly podcasts
  5. Be featured on WIMC social media channels and opportunity to be a guest speaker
  6. Network with other like minded individuals


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