WebLEM – Labour Estimating Tool




Meet the Next Generation WebLEM

Are estimates taking too long and cutting into your company’s productivity and profitability?

MCAA’s WebLEM can save you time by giving your estimators immediate 24/7 access to a systematic approach to labor estimating that’s proven successful for hundreds of mechanical contractors in generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual construction.

Quickly search and retrieve data – Our search engine will find any text located in the entire database, and give you links directly to the matches.

Export data into Microsoft Excel or CSV format – Select your format, then immediately download any labor table.

Access Up-to-date labor units on the latest products and joining methods – You can easily identify new and/or changed items because they will be highlighted yellow for 12 months.

Access MCAA’s standard for BIM Content creation – Download our standard for creating BIM content so you can more easily work with others in our industry.


*Please note that it can take up to 7-10 business days for your order to be completed*

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What is the WebLEM?
The next generation WebLEM brings new benefits to the industry’s most reliable, authoritative source for comprehensive labor units for typical project tasks. With the WebLEM, you can quickly search for and retrieve information. Data in the WebLEM is reviewed and updated periodically to reflect the latest products and joining methods.

What Other Information is Included?
The WebLEM also includes basic assumptions that were used to develop the labor hours, correction factors to help
you adjust to your individual job situation, and a glossary of abbreviations and terms used throughout the WebLEM. Copies of the Management Methods Bulletins referenced in the WebLEM are also included, providing additional information on calculation of delay claims, cost of overtime, impact of shift work, and factors affecting productivity.