Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series

To emphasize the importance of education and our desire to have post-secondary graduates, as well as current undergraduates, enter into the mechanical contracting industry, the Construction Education Council in partnership with MCA Canada Associate Members have established the Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series, recently renamed to recognize the work of the Association’s past-CEO.

The 2021 Application Process is Now Open. Application Deadline is August 13, 2021.

Basic Eligibility Requirements for the Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series:

  • Must be a Student Chapter Member or child/ward of salaried employee of MCAC member company (company needs to be member for at least one year)
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time post secondary program leading to a degree, certificate, or diploma from an accredited Canadian university, college or apprenticeship program, with a minimum “B” average for the previous year.
  • Applicants may also be a registered apprentice in a mechanical contracting trade.
  • Must not otherwise receive a major scholarship or bursary
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Scholarship Amount – $1,500

Field of Study – Mechanical Contracting

Scholarship Amount – $5,000

Fields of Study – Mechanical Contracting

Tools or Office

Scholarship Amount – $2,500

Scholarship Eligibility – Registered Aboriginal Apprentice

Field of Study – Mechanical Building Trade Apprenticeship

Scholarship Amount – $1,000

Field of Study – Mechanical Contracting

Scholarship Amount – $1,500

Field of Study – Mechanical Engineering

Scholarship Amount – $2,000

Field of Study – Mechanical Contracting

MCA Hamilton Niagara
Women in Mechanical Construction
Mechanical Construction
Construction Management, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering or a discipline related to Mechanical Service or Plumbing Contracting

Scholarship Amount – $2,500

Scholarship Eligibility – Women

Field of Study – Mechanical Contracting

Engineering, Business Mgt, Computer Science

Scholarship Amount – $2,500 (Five scholarships worth $500)

Eligibility – Female students

Field of Study – Business programs related to the construction industry, particularly the mechanical field

Scholarship Amount – $800

Field of Study – Female Apprentice

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