MCA Canada proactively educates and sensitizes decision-makers to industry issues and identifies, researches, and addresses government policies at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels that have or may have an impact on its members.

The association’s government relations initiatives focus on areas of concern for members, including skills training, product and industry standards, and stewardship. MCA Canada also works to form coalitions and alliances with other strategic partners to lend further strength to the voice of members. A prime example is MCA Canada’s involvement with the National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC) and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) supporting numerous objectives including  support of Prompt Payment Legislation.

With the goal of maximizing the association’s reach, MCA Canada works to enhance existing relationships and develop new connections with members of all political parties, as well as with bureaucratic staff by regularly interacting with federally elected officials, public servants, partner associations and non-traditional stakeholders.

These activities include producing submissions to government, working closely with other stakeholder groups, as well as launching strategic communications and media campaigns. In addition, we have embarked on a series of parliamentary awareness days with federal members of Parliament to talk about issues that are relevant to the discipline and to share our unique perspective on current government activities such as committee work and bills under review.

Pre-Budget Submission

As part of the federal government’s pre-budget consultation process, MCA Canada is pleased to provide input and recommendations.

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