MCA Canada – Member Code of Ethics

As a strong, vibrant, and influential association of like-minded professionals, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada, and its provincial and regional member associations, is represented by members who conduct day-to-day operations to a high level of business standards that better serve society, the industry, and our Association.

As such, through the delivery of quality performance, products and services that are essential to industry progress, MCAC members choose to follow this code of ethics:

As a member of the Association, my company shall:
Demonstrate professionalism that all business transactions are founded on trust, honour, and integrity.

Promote actions which withstand the scrutiny of any reasonable person, employer, client or outside observer, and in the best interests of the mechanical contracting industry.

Maintain a high level of quality in both material and workmanship, thereby providing the best possible service to clients.

Abide by all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and standard practices to safeguard our industry’s reputation for the protection of public health, safety and the environment.

Firmly stand by the principle that all contracts, written, oral or intended, will be performed with the same good faith, intent and integrity with which the parties entered the agreement, and to resolve any disagreements by negotiation, adjudication or arbitration, in preference to higher level legal action.

Operate a respectful place of work, striving to set the example for an equitable, inclusive and diverse working environment. Promote the fair, equitable and ethical treatment of all employees, and encourage their professional, intellectual and skills development.

Proactively support the policies and objectives of the Association, both nationally and provincially and engage support for the Association among industry professionals.

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