The Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) is a division of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (est 1895) that is dedicated to the success of mechanical service, repair and retrofit contractors in Canada. In today’s highly competitive business environment, isn’t it good to know that there’s an organization committed to your needs?  The service industry is a unique environment and requires unique programs and services that until now weren’t available! See more…

MSCC is here to assist whether you want to grow your business or keep it right where it is. We do this by helping to reduce expenses with real discounts on everyday expenses; by increasing efficiency with education and training for everyone in the company; and by offering marketing and sales tools to help retain current customers, and find new ones. Learn more…

Visit the MSCC website to learn all about this exciting organization just for your service people. Click here…

Programs & Services:

* Service Education & Training
* Guides, Manuals, Codes & More
* Online service video’s
* Newsletter, Website & Communications
 * Energy Services
* Sales Training
* Marketing Tools
* Incredible Discount Programs
* National Forum
* Industry Representation
* National Suppliers
* MultiMedia Marketing
* Access to Allied Organizations
* Sample Forms & Documents
* And There’s much, much more