Great project management, by both the foreman and project manager, is primarily responsible for creating excellent productivity on every project. Due to the endless number of variables, which negatively affect worker efficiency, excellent productivity is the project team?s greatest challenge. Productivity also has the greatest positive or negative impact on project and company profitability. Excellent productivity requires proactive, diligent, and detailed planning by the project manager and foreman at each step of the project. In this session, the instructor will provide proven methods and practices for creating, controlling, and improving project productivity on all types of projects. The following topics (and others) will be presented and discussed in this class: material handling practices that guarantee improved jobsite productivity, understanding ?average? productivity and the ?typical? construction site work day, identifying, managing, and controlling recoverable lost time, understanding the differences between management-caused lost time and workercaused lost time, understanding the differences and the important connection between punctuality and productivity, optimum crew size and its effect on productivity, the relationship between planning, productivity, and profitability, planning activities that have huge impacts on productivity, identifying and controlling the internal and external factors that affect productivity, fabrication, preassembly, tagging, bagging, and its effect on productivity.