The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) can help support key government objectives for Canada’s 43rd Parliament 

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC), as the unified voice of the mechanical contracting industry in Canada, congratulated those Members of Parliament elected in Canada’s forty-third federal election, adding that the association is prepared to work with MPs from all parties on issues of importance to the industry and the Canadian economy.  

“On behalf of our close to 1,000 members across Canada, we look forward to continuing the conversation with elected MPs about the importance of our sector as it relates to Canada and the Canadian economy,” said Pierre Boucher, MCAC’s Chief Executive Officer. “We would encourage this Parliament to continue supporting and promoting the skilled trades in Canada, and to work closely with our industry and our association on how we can help address concerns such as climate change and innovation.” 

Over the past several years, MCAC and its partners have focused their discussions with the federal government on the importance of fair and equitable payment provisions in the construction industry. With prompt payment legislation passing in the House of Commons last year, MCAC is prepared to work with the government to ensure the regulations supporting prompt payment are in place as early as possible to make this payment process, supported by adjudication, a reality.  

The Association also wants to ensure the mechanical contracting industry is looked to as a valuable resource on key issues.  

“Our sector can play a significant role, and we are excited to be working with this new Parliament as we promote the importance of a strong and vibrant Canadian economy,” added Boucher, “Our industry contributes to all aspects of Canadian life, and we look forward to engaging with all federal MPs to explore how the mechanical contracting sector can support government objectives.” 



About the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada 


The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada is a national non-profit association comprised of dedicated professionals working together for the promotion, improvement, and advancement of the mechanical contracting industry. As well as mechanical contractors, MCAC welcomes service and repair contractors, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and other construction industry related organizations.