Project Description

Here is how the Dirty Seahorse Workwear came about!

When my daughter Chantel was in Masonry School at Conestoga College we soon discovered there was a lack of women’s workwear and if we did find it, it didn’t fit properly, so we decided to create a line of women’s workwear. I took Chantel to Toronto to get fit for a female profile as opposed to a man’s profile being refitted, we got the fit right then we did surveys and interviews with women in the trades. So, with their help we co-created our line of women’s workwear! Every product developed is based on their responses and we translated them directly into our garments. We have created special features like a built in pocket for feminine hygiene products, a cinch waist for seasonality, abrasion resistant panels for durability and raising the back of our pants by 3 inches to eliminate that plumber’s crack! Our Designs are based specifically to the needs of women, they are Built by Women For Women”. We totally understand your frustration and we are revolutionizing Women’s Workwear! – Founder Dianne Finnigan