Project Description

Project Planning & Research

From brainstorming to delivering large-scale turnkey projects, we help our clients through every milestone along the way, assuring exceptional standards. Our team always delivers high quality work.

Conceptual Design

Form follows function. We work closely with our clients to ensure that full design aspirations are captured at an early stage of the project, thus allowing to arrive much faster at development stage by incorporating engineering factors in every part of the ongoing design.

Advanced Design & Development

We believe in lean design principles that ensure our clients a cost effective solution for their product. From small budget to full scale FEA design validation, our customers can depend on Ordinate to deliver projects above industry standards.

Finite Element Analysis

From linear and nonlinear stress analysis to flow analysis, our finite element analysis services can help drive your design, resulting in optimized performance and manufacturability.

Product Engineering

We innovate, design and prepare detailed working drawings from ideas, rough sketches or various client specifications. Relying extensively on our decades of CAD design procedures and engineering techniques.

Testing & Prototyping

Product viability are validation are as important as the rest of the design and manufacturing processes. We help our clients simulate product function and help reveal important areas for improvements.