Together with the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH), MCA Canada has released a new policy document and list of recommendations outlining how the mechanical contracting industry can contribute to Canada’s economic recovery post-COVID-19.

The document, entitled Investment in Retrofits: Key to Canada’s Green Recovery Post-Crisis, is attached for your information and to share. In it, MCA Canada and CIPH make a number of recommendations, including:

  • Federal investment of $20 Billion over 5 years in retrofit projects
  • The introduction of innovative retrofit financial instruments to spur private-sector investment
  • Work closely with provincial governments to expend existing retrofit programs
  • Investment in training opportunities to upskill trade workers and retrain workers from other sectors
  • Invest $1.25 Billion in workforce development for training programs related to energy efficiency
  • Earmark promotional funding to specifically target underrepresented groups in the skilled trades

The document is intended to showcase how the mechanical contracting sector can not only contribute to economic recovery, but also how it can play a key role in meeting the government’s own objectives with respect to greenhouse gas emissions and job creation. The document notes that for every $1 million invested in energy efficiency, 16-30 net jobs could be created, while contributing to the overall energy efficiency objectives outlined by the government.

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