March 11 is an annual day to recognize the importance of the plumbing industry around the world

OTTAWA, March 8, 2024 – With March 11 marking World Plumbing Day across the globe, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) is encouraging its members and all Canadians to take a moment to reflect on the important role plumbing plays in their day-to-day lives.

“On World Plumbing Day, we celebrate and recognize just how important the plumbing industry is in Canada and throughout the world,” said Charlie Webb, President and Chair of MCAC. “Plumbing serves as the backbone to our public health infrastructure. Whether it is clean drinking water or proper and efficient sanitation systems, plumbing should continue to be celebrated for safeguarding Canadians and the wellbeing of our communities.”

Beyond the immediate health implications in Canadian homes, schools, hospitals and businesses, the plumbing and mechanical contracting sector is a vital contributor to the Canadian economy. Across the country, plumbing and mechanical contractors are relied on in all aspects of Canada’s economy, as well as supporting the various sectors that rely on reliable water and sanitation systems.

“While we often take for granted the role that plumbing plays in our daily lives, World Plumbing Day provides an opportunity to celebrate this essential industry,” Webb continued. “I would encourage all Canadians to take a moment today to ‘Thank a Plumber’ and to recognize how fortunate we are to have a vibrant and capable plumbing and mechanical contracting sector in Canada.”