iStock_000005312469SmallCEC offers a variety of supervisory programs ranging in duration from one  to two days.

A full list of 1/2-2 day Supervisory courses can be found in the National Seminar Catalogue.  Click here to download.

A 6 day program was initially developed as a result of contractors expressing their concern over the shortage of qualified supervisors in the mechanical contracting industry as well as the lack of an extensive and comprehensive training program. After countless hours of research, collaboration with NECA and other supervisory experts, CEC developed a program which covers topics such as planning, executing, monitoring and closing out the project.  To best accommodate attendees the program has been now been broken into 5 separate courses.  It can be delivered in single one-day formats or as an entire 5 day program.

CLICK HERE to download the Supervisory course syllabus.  Contact Tania Johnston for further information.