Project Description


Many contractors, building managers and property owners have been faced with the same terrible situation. An immediate repair is required, and you can’t afford to shut down and drain the buildings water supply, heating or cooling system. What are your options?

We use Liquid Nitrogen to rapidly freeze virtually any diameter pipe and fluids such as water, glycol and some oils. Pipe Freezing is far faster, more economical process and is much better for the environment.

Pipe freezing offers huge benefits and savings versus draining piping systems and freezing can avoid problems that can arise from opening, draining and allowing air into a system. When you add up the amount of time spent draining, refilling, purging trapped air from a system freezing is the logical answer.

Plus there’s the increased corrosion arising when you open a system and disturb the sludge and sediment along with the noise that occurs in pipes after refilling and of course the cost of replacing chemicals to the system

From a green perspective, this method offers two fantastic benefits. N-Two conserves energy by not draining systems because there is no need to refill and reheat or recool the contents. As well, freezing means not using any chemicals to create the plug, and thus means no harmful chemicals are being dumped when the job is done. Liquid Nitrogen is safe – Liquid nitrogen is 100% safe; in fact, 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen.

Alternatively, N-Two specializes in Hot Tapping, which allows for addition of new branches without disruption of flow or leakage. Our machines can handle a variety of pipe diameters and high pressure systems. After a fitting and valve are installed on the line, a hot tapping device drills into the pipe. The compartment fills, air is released and the valve is closed off.

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