Tax Fairness for Small Business

MCA Canada has joined a coalition of almost 80 organizations from across the country. All have come together to form the ‘Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness’.

The coalition opposes the federal government’s tax proposals that would dramatically change the way incorporated small businesses are taxed in Canada. These changes, announced in July 2017, would impose strict new regulations on tax measures that allow small business owners to invest in their business, save for retirement and support their families. For example, changing the rules on income sprinkling and changing the ability to convert earnings to capital gains.

May 28, 2018 – The Coalition for Small Business Tax Reform remains active on this very important file. This link ( will take you to their website where you will find:

Letter to the Minister of Finance at
September 2017 ad directed at Members of Parliament click here to see the ad 
Letter to the Minister of Finance  Nov. 2017 – Click here 
Press Release  Nov. 2017 – Click here