Student Chapters

As a result of the changing demographics of our industry, there is a real and urgent need to attract the best and the brightest students into the profession of mechanical contracting.  One of the most successful programs is by orientating students into our field so that they make “mechanical” their career choice, thus the emergence of the “MCA Student Chapter Program”.

The student chapter program gives students the opportunity to learn about the industry. They attend regular meetings with their local MCA, take field trips to a variety of jobsites, work together on volunteer projects, participate in fundraising events, and interact with the contractor members.

There are currently four active chapters in Canada, MCA Hamilton/McMaster University, MCA Kitchener-Waterloo/University of Waterloo, MCA Toronto/University of Toronto, and MCA Manitoba/University of Manitoba.

If you are interested in starting your own chapter, please download the Starting a Student Chapter Guide, to help assist you with your planning or the newly released brochure, Why Start a Student Chapter, which includes testimonials from faculty, students (current and alumni), and contractors. Click here for more information.