World Plumbing Day – March 11

World Plumbing Day is an international event held on March 11 every year and it is recognized by the World Health Organization. Initiated by the World Plumbing Council and supported enthusiastically by the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada, we celebrate the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern society. History shows that great leaps in humankind’s advancement — both physically and socially — have been tied to advances in plumbing technology.

The safety and abundance of drinking water are, of course, a concern for most people all over the world, but what is not often emphasized is the work the plumbing industry contributes every day to alleviate these concerns. We would like you to help in bringing a better understanding of the largely misunderstood role plumbers play in keeping everyone safe and healthy each and every day.

The importance to global health, both internationally and here in Canada, cannot be overstated. Please take a minute to watch this short video from Senator Donald Plett, a former plumbing contractor, who understands the importance of plumbers and World Plumbing Day. Please click here!


What can you do?

There are lots of activities that individuals and member organizations have arranged during  previous World Plumbing Day activities, which include:

  • Add the World Plumbing Day logo to your corporate website, invoices & staff electronic signatures. (email for the logo)
  • Encourage your municipality to issue a formal proclamation (see below for examples)
  • Host a Bar-b-que, breakfast, trade show or industry day, etc.
  • Letters to the editor of local papers, articles in trade magazines and industry journals promoting the value of plumbing.
  • Motions of support in regional, provincial & national Parliaments.
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Water Awareness Campaign – How to reduce water use in your school/business/home
  • Provide a story on water conservation, its impact on yourself, your community or the environment
  • Appoint a World Plumbing Day ambassador to promote March 11
  • Kiss a plumber

There are great opportunities for plumbing specific training & skill centers and industry organizations to have an open day focusing on career opportunities, skills and green plumbing and how this industry has made and continues to make, a significant impact on the health and welfare of our communities for generations.

Let the World Plumbing Council know your plans for celebrating World Plumbing Day so that they can list them on the World Plumbing Day website, it is never to early to start planning.

Here are some links and downloadable documents to help you promote World Plumbing Day in your community.