Service Contractor Seminars

shutterstock_101020429 (2)CEC is pleased to partner with the Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) to offer a Career Path Training program for the service contractor sector of the industry. Each Career Path has been broken into modules that can be offered in any order. If you would like further details on any of the programs click here to download the seminar brochure or contact the Construction Education Council.

Introduction To Service Webinar Series

Instructor: Kevin Dougherty

Module 1: Service Terminology (45 minutes)

Module 2: What is the Cost to Run a Service Business (45 minutes)

Module 3: Day-to-Day Realities and Utilizing Service Standards to Improve Customer Satisfaction (45 minutes) –

Module 4: Customer Service Checklist (45 minutes)


(Offered as a 2 day package only at this time)

Module 1: The Dispatcher and the Service Organization

Module 2: Communication Sills for the Dispatcher

Module 3: Partnering with the Service Technician

Module 4: Servicing the Customer

Module 5: Managing the Service Manager

Module 6: Working with the Rest of the Team

Service Manager

Instructor: Kevin Dougherty

Module 1: Making the Numbers Work (1 day)

Module 2: People, Production and Trends (1 day)

Module 3: Sales & Sales Management (1day)

Service Management Leadership

Instructor: James Baston

Module 1: Creating the Ultimate Service Experience (½ day)

Module 2: Coaching the Service Team (½ day)

Module 3: Facilitating Service refresher courses (½ day)

Service Supervisor/Project Manager/Foreman

Instructor: Kevin Dougherty (also available as 2 day program)

Module 1: Transition to Management (½ day)

Module 2: Leadership, Delegation, Coaching and Motivation (½ day)

Module 3: Role Plays, Dealing with Difficult People (½ day)

Module 4: Time Management, Planning, Problem Solving & Sales Management (½ day)

Preventative Maintenance & Project Sales

Instructor: Kevin Dougherty

Module 1: Professional Sales, Personality Analysis, Importance of Customer Service (1 day)

Module 2: Importance of Selling Maintenance, How to Sell Maintenance (1 day)

Module 3: Project Selling (1 day)

Module 4: The Financial Sell, Advanced Selling Skills for Service (1 day)

Delivering The Ultimate Service Experience For Technicians

Instructor: Kevin Dougherty

Module 1: Customer Service in the Field, Handling Conflict (1 day)

Module 2: Sales Skills for Service Technicians (1 day)

Proactive Service for Technicians

Instructor: James Baston

Module 1: Building and Enhancing Credibility (½ day)

Module 2: From Service Tech to Valued Expert (½ day)

Module 3: Customer Relations and How to Deal with Difficult Situations (½ day)